The 74h Question

June 30, 2006

Half of 2006 ends today. A new half begins tomorrow.

What were the highlights of your first half of the year?



  1. Hmm … I kinda love/hate this kind of question … makes me think back to the past …


    1) taken way too many pics to capture all the precious moments of my life … a first for me since before I felt a bit awkward but now, not anymore … who’s to say when all of this will end?

    2) paid off lots of debts and is now on the road to saving up big time!

    3) Brent got sick which taught me a lot about taking care of babies and what Mommyhood really is about …

    4) Brent nearing 1 year old mark! Wheee!!!

    5) got an iPod Nano last Friday which is so funny since I talked about saving up for that in a post I made that day … and mind you, this was a gift! Cool huh?

    not too many highlights nor even big ones but I like it this way … simple life but happy

  2. 1) Became 100% completely debt free.
    2) Purchased a boat so that I can now cruise beautiful Lake Michigan without fear of going over-board.
    3) Saw my son find a wonderful girl and fall in love.

  3. went white-water rafting! 😀

    got new PC at home

    and enjoying a new husband who adores me 🙂

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