The 56th Question

May 30, 2006

How would you deal with a friend addicted to alcohol?



  1. We are doing just that. Mostly how we deal with it is this:

    We’ll invite them for fun non-drinking activities with concrete start and end times.
    We’ve told him he’s welcome anytime he’s sober but to stay away if he’s been drinking.
    We offer an ear when he needs to talk but will not entertain excuses or drama.

    That pretty much sums it up.

  2. I don’t know. There isn’t any AA where we are. I’d be at a loss really. I’d probably ask advice from other people first before helping my friend out. I might do him more harm!

  3. first you slap him. then you sit and try to explain to him whats happening. then you promise to be there when he backslides. you promise slap him every single time he slips. keeping each other in check is just part of what friends do.

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