The 20th Question

April 19, 2006

What’s your favorite sandwich like?



  1. toasted on a crunchy roll filled with herbs and roasted vegetables smothered in cheese.

  2. Half a loaf of french bread, covered in thinly sliced steak, with onions, green peppers, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Then run this sandwich through a pizza oven. Unwrap. Eat. Enjoy. Repeat until you pass out.

  3. The classic peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwich. Comfort food.

  4. Quizno’s Classic Italian, no olives. Cappicola, ham, salami, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Italian dressing all toasted on white bread.

    Dare I say it?

    Mmh, mmh, toasty.

  5. Dreamy……pate….love it.

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