The 17th Question

April 17, 2006

Do you count your change?



  1. On the rare occasion a place doesn’t take a check/debit card, I count the cash and scan the coins for no Canadian pennies or nickels.

  2. Depends. Usually I drop it into the charity basket. Mostly I pay by check.

  3. No, never. Mostly because there’s usually somebody standing right behind me waiting. I hate to be rushed. But now that that fellow is putting rare pennies into circulation, maybe I will!

    Michele sent me. Good questions!

  4. Nope – I put it all in a bowl, and when the bowl is full, I roll it and THEN I count it.

  5. I count my dollar change. Not because I don’t trust the cashiers, but because I did that job for several years and I know how boring it is. You have a real tendancy to zone out… a lot.

  6. Change=coins? Not anymore. I just take the change from the cashier and put ’em in my coin purse.

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