The 12th Question

April 11, 2006

When has technology complicated your life?



  1. My water heater conked out on me two days ago. Thank goodness it’s summer on my side of the world so it’s not posing as much a problem as I thought it would. But then again, on early mornings when I have to go to work, I have to resort to jumping in the shower to deal with the cold. Have to buy a new one soon.

  2. it’s complicating my life right now… because suddenly, am spending out so much on gadgets… and then wanting to replace what i already have with higher models…

    take for instance digicams and computers… now, it’s just not possible getting content with one thing… there’s always a better version out there…

  3. when I am trying to connect to the internet using my isp card. Halos itapon ko ang modem sa screen.

  4. Well, I am now addicted to the internet and so when the computer is not working properly, it completely throws me off!

    Here via Michele’s. Good question!

  5. When I am driving and the cell phone rings.

  6. Every day at work. However, technology has also kept me from going blind in one eye. So it ain’t all bad.

  7. The only time it complicates my life is when the husband believes that the computer can do things it can’t in the time he wishes which is impossible.

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