The Eighth Question

April 9, 2006

If you could begin each day with music, what music would you choose?



  1. Anything from a Cirque du Soleil soundtrack. THAT would bounce me out of bed right quick.

  2. Eva Cassidy. Hands down.

    But I do begin my day with music every day. iTunes is the first thing I “turn on” in the morning.

  3. nirvana

  4. INXS! I already do this.

  5. depends on my mood. Usually, jazz pag light moments. Blues pag medyo hilo o lasing ng konti.

  6. Miles Davis. You know, before his Acid Years.

  7. I love music so much that I have almost every genre in my collection of over 600 CDs. I say this only because it would be impossible for me to say what I’d like to wake up to on any given day. It would completely depend on my mood and the mood of the morning.

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