The Third Question

April 5, 2006

Why do you keep an extra stash of batteries? Why don’t you?



  1. I don’t. I always make sure my batteries are charged.

  2. I always have batteries. Frustrates me to not have them.

  3. I keep batteries and have a charger. I guess I like to pretend I’m prepared.

  4. I don’t have to, the husband has a drawer full somewhere. He has to keep that remote control working, don’t you know!

  5. I have children…with a lot of toys…that constantly require batteries…perhaps that would be a good reason to NOT keep them!

    by the way – thanks for visiting my blog today!

  6. Yeah…Kids. un?)Fortunately? They are now collecting sophisticated, really expensive toys that practically charge themselves. But, everything has a remote, and although we have a stash of rechargeables, we like to have backups if we need them (we buy Duracells in bulk!)

  7. You don’t want inappropriate answers here, do you? Just kidding! 😉
    As crazy as it is, I really feel like you just never know what might happen. Bird flu, flood, anything. So we’ve got them just in case.
    Thank you so much for visiting me today!

  8. digicam

  9. am not into technology that much. My only need for a battery is for my celfone and car. And no one keeps a spare yata when it comes to these two.

  10. My keyboard and mouse runs on them, and I’m not too keen on having to scrounge around in the bottom of a closet for a corded keyboard. Therefore, I always have plenty.

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