The Second Question

April 5, 2006

What is beautiful to you that is ugly to another?



  1. My chapped hands. Signs of hard work and an allergy fading away.

  2. New York City. Some folks just don’t get it.

  3. I have no idea what others deem beautiful or not. I can find beauty in almost everything.

  4. my scarred tummy – the proof of my two childrens’ desire to enter the world in a less than conventional method – my daughter bears a scar from the same scalpel that cut me open…my son couldn’t wait and ruptured the uterus in his haste to exit!

  5. Skunks! I think they are quite beautiful, and I am always pleased to see them.

  6. very old books.:)

  7. armpits

  8. A wispy, almost alive-looking trail of cigarette smoke in just the right light.

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